About Us

Behind Black Car Co. 


With a dream of putting the nightmare of ridesharing, rentals and road rage to rest, Black Car Co. was designed to supply a more efficient and effective way to get people from point A to B. 


Whether you’ve watched the timer on your rideshare app fail to countdown, staring at your screen as the tiny car icon refuses to move closer, or been ripped off by hidden car rental fees, you’re likely fed up. Well, unlike a driver who keeps taking the wrong turn, there is an end in sight: Black Car Co.


Black Car Co. is an American company dedicated to offering you the consistency, dependency, and luxury quality transportation services you’ve longed for. No matter your group size, your event, or your request, Black Car Co. is ready to serve you. 


From pick-up point to drop-off destination, we aim to provide our clients with a memorable, world-class experience from our fleet of stand-out vehicles. No wrong turns, hidden fees, or lengthy wait times included.


Leave the stress of traveling on the road at home and let our team of trained professionals take the wheel, at Black Car Co.

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